Die-cut Paint Masking Components

In most paint shops, masking is achieved by applying single strips of tape until the specified area is masked. Die-cut masking components drastically improve this process. Marian manufactures custom masking components to fit the precise shape of the masked area. Die-cut masking parts also simplify and speed up the application process utilizing pull-tabs, extended and split liners. Marian maintains long-standing preferred converter relationships with leading masking tape manufacturers like 3M and tesa.

Marian can quickly provide material samples and prototypes. Contact Marian to discuss your paint masking needs.

Strips vs. Die-cut

Solution Case Study

Download this solution case study to read about a company who implemented a die-cut masking components into their process. Results achieved: 3x faster application, a safer process that was easier to train, maximized productivity and required 75% less rework. Read more…

Benefits of Die-cut Masking vs. Strips

  • Reduce Application Time

    Die-cut masking parts with features such as pull tabs, extended and split liners simplify the application process.  Additionally, simplified application helps to prevent mistakes in complex masking process.

  • Increase Placement Accuracy

    Marian supplies a custom die-cut masking component to your specifications, allowing for quick and highly accurate placement. This minimizes the need for rework.

  • Reduce Material Scrap

    Knowledgeable Marian engineers work directly with your design to manufacture a part that ensures the smallest material waste possible.

  • Faster Throughput

    By applying a die-cut component vs. strips of masking material, time spent on the masking process decreases significantly, increasing throughput and deceasing labor costs.

  • Safer Process

    Eliminate the need for applicators to use sharp knives and blades to cut strips of masking material.  Die-cut masking components are created to fit the masked area precisely.