Die-cut Solutions for the Medical Industry

Marian offers die cutting, material slitting, and clean room manufacturing for the medical market.  With extensive experience, innovative manufacturing capabilities, and a robust quality management system, Marian supplies customers with a turnkey process from prototype through clinical trials to final packaged product.

Marian’s quality certifications for the medical market include ISO 13485:2016, FDA registered facility, cGMP, and cleanroom manufacturing.

Medical Industry Solutions

Advanced Wound Care

  • Wound dressings
  • OTC bandages
  • Surgical tapes and drapes
  • Device fixation
  • Composite dressings
  • Ostomy care
  • IV dressings
  • Trauma kit components

Health + Beauty

  • Cosmeceutical pads
  • Scar therapy patches
  • Anti-wrinkle pads
  • Wart removal products
  • Under-eye pads

Wearables + Diagnostics

  • Health monitors
  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Device components
  • Nasal screens
  • Electrode pads
  • Wearable sensors
  • Security/ ID device
  • Glucose monitoring strip components

Medical Electronic Device

  • Gaskets + seals
  • Specialty films for displays
  • Multilayer components
  • Bonding + joining components
  • EMI shielding + grounding
  • Foam spacers + cushion
  • Thermal management components

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Marian offers precision medical converting / die-cutting, narrow width precision slitting, island placement and multi-layer lamination.

Packaging Capabilities

  • Pouches: barrier, heat-seal, cold-seal
  • Thermoform packaging
  • Blister and clamshell packaging
  • Labeling and printing: serialized in process
  • Automated cartoning
  • Product assembly (kitting)

Medical Grade Thin Flexible Materials

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives and tapes
    • Silicone, acrylic, hydrogel
  • Skin-contact, gentle release tapes
  • Foams and sponges
  • Fabrics, filters, mesh
  • Membranes and films

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