Solutions for Automotive Exterior

Bonding + Attachment

Marian supplies die-cut components for bonding and attachment of automotive exterior components. Marian is highly skilled in manufacturing complex foam tape parts including letters and shapes with very thin walls.

Common Applications

  • Trim
  • Emblem
  • Sill plates
  • Body side molding

Marian Solutions

  • Acrylic foam tapes: 3M™ VHB™, tesa® ACXplus
  • Double face tapes, transfer adhesives
  • Reclosable fasteners: 3M™ Dual Lock™, 3M™ Hook and Loop
  • Parts with pull-tabs, extended liners, and locator holes for ease of assembly

DOWNLOAD: Marian Brochure for Emblem Attachment Solutions

Paint Masking Made Easy

Die-cut paint masking components drastically improve and speed up the masking process. Marian manufactures custom masking components to quickly and accurately mask the desired area, minimizing rework and speeding up application.

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Common Applications

  • Paint and industrial coating masking
  • Peening/ sand blasting

Marian Solutions

  • Custom die-cut masks available with pull-tabs, extended liners for ease of application
  • Rapid prototypes and material samples
  • Preferred converter for 3M

DOWNLOAD: Marian Brochure for Paint Masking Made Easy

Surface Protection Films + Tapes

Marian manufactures custom surface protection components for many different surfaces of the automotive exterior. Films and tapes protect critical surfaces from damage during manufacturing, transportation and storage.

Common Applications

  • Protective films and tapes for metal, plastic, composite and glass surfaces

Marian Solutions

  • Custom die-cut components available with pull-tabs, extended liners for ease of assembly
  • Preferred converter partnerships with leading material suppliers of protective films and tapes.

DOWNLOAD: Material Spotlight – tesa Surface Protection Tapes and Films

Value Add for Plastic Molders and Tier Suppliers

Marian manufactures custom die-cut solutions for plastic injection molders, metal stampers and tier suppliers of automotive components. Working with Marian can enable supplier consolidation, decrease labor costs, and increase efficiency.

Common Applications

  • Foam + sponge washers for clips, fasteners
  • PSA bonding + attachment components
  • Foam gaskets + seals for enclosures

Marian Solutions

  • Highly complex parts at tight tolerance, even at high volumes
  • Custom die-cut components available with pull-tabs, extended liners, for ease of assembly

DOWNLOAD: Marian Brochure – Solutions for Plastic Injection Molders

Benefits of Working With Marian

  • Confidence

    Be confident that the emblem, trim, fastener, protective component will be high quality and manufactured to your specifications, preserving the image of your brand.

  • Increase Productivity, Decrease Labor Costs

    Custom die-cut solutions are manufactured by Marian with final assembly requirements in mind. Aids such as pull-tabs, extended liners and locator holes make parts easy to assemble and require less rework.

  • Eliminate Quality Issues

    Receive high quality die-cut components produced at tight tolerances, even at high volumes and complex shapes.