Filters + Vents

Marian offers die-cut filters, mesh materials, and porous plastic vents laminated with zoned double-sided tape, used in a variety of applications. Filter and venting materials can act as barriers to dust, dirt and moisture, protecting the components within a product while allowing air and sound to pass. Additionally, airflow through vents allows pressure to equalize within environmentally sealed enclosures (according to IP67) which protect the enclosure contents from damage. Marian also has the advanced capabilities to manufacture extremely small vents and filters, down to 2 or 3mm in size.  Contact us for a material sample, a quote or a rapid prototype.

Precision Selective Lamination

During the die cutting process, Marian often laminates filter and mesh materials with pressure sensitive adhesive cut to a zone, leaving the central portion of the filter or vent free to breathe. Additionally, Marian can add layers of other thin materials to meet the desired function of the final part. Marian excels at precise selective adhesive lamination.

In the rendering above, final die-cut parts adhere to a liner on a roll which is used for automated placement within the customer’s assembly.


  • Speaker covers
  • Microphone covers
  • Headphones
  • Vents for sealed enclosures
  • Sensor and microsensor (MEMS) venting membranes
  • Breathable seals for automotive and outdoor lighting
  • Air filtration


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