Corporate History

In 2019, Marian celebrates its 65th anniversary.  From our 200,000-square-foot main production facility and headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, to our other global facilities, Marian is strongly poised for continued growth in the 21st century.  Together with our renowned material suppliers, we routinely solve some of the most complex manufacturing and assembly problems for our long list of customers.  These customers include many of the most respected companies and brands in the world.  Here’s how it all began…

1954 to 1971: The Early Years as a Distribution Center

Marian, Inc. was founded by Hugh Knoll, Sr. in 1954 as “Marian Rubber Products Company,” a regional distributor of industrial rubber products. The original building in downtown Indianapolis was 8,000 square feet and served primarily as a warehouse and distribution center. The key to Marian’s initial success was Mr. Knoll’s commitment to satisfying customer needs.

1971 to 1984: Innovation in New Manufacturing Technologies

After Mr. Knoll’s untimely death in 1971, Eugene S. Witchger, a friend of the Knoll family, purchased the company. Mr. Witchger had recently taken early retirement from his long-time position as Vice President of Schwitzer Corporation. Under Witchger’s leadership, dedication, and customer focus, the fledgling company of 15 employees began to grow.

With the addition of Witchger’s son, William (Bill) in 1973, the company began to expand in fabrication and manufacturing capabilities. For example, by installing a lathe slitter in 1974, Marian became one of the first custom slitters of electrical and industrial pressure-sensitive tapes in the Midwest. The Witchgers’ successful innovations, inherent attention to cost reduction, and constant focus on customer needs enabled Marian to expand its repertoire of fabrication and manufacturing techniques.

1984 to Present: Expansion

As Marian’s markets have grown, we have carefully acquired compatible businesses to meet customer demand for increased output.  In 1984, Marian acquired the JJ. Glenn Company in West Chicago, IL, an established and respected supplier to the electronics industry since 1929.

In 1990, Marian expanded their capabilities and capacity by opening the MRP plant in Monticello, Indiana.  Today, the MRP plant operates in a modern 56,000 square foot facility with 50 employees.

Marian further strengthened its industrial and electrical capabilities in 1994 by acquiring the Kuehn Rubber Company in Milwaukee, WI (which relocated to a larger facility of 36,000 square feet in 2012).

In 1997, to strengthen our commitment to our customers in the southwestern United States and Mexico, Marian expanded to a 50,000 square foot facility in El Paso, Texas.

In 2001, Marian acquired the CutCraft facilities in both Fort Worth, Texas and Singapore as outstanding suppliers to the electronics, medical, and industrial markets.

In 2004, we opened our doors for business in Suzhou, China with our manufacturing center in the Suchun Industrial Square in order to serve many of our customers who have also opened manufacturing plants in China.  We have since doubled our operating capacity in Suzhou to accommodate the needs of our customers.

We also acquired Marian Graphics in 2004 to broaden our product offerings to include custom screen-printed overlays.

Six years later, in 2010, we opened our doors for business in Shenzhen, China. The 2,700 square meter (30,000 square foot) manufacturing and engineering facility in Da Lang, Longhua, Shenzhen features core capabilities and serves all of our customers in Southern China and surrounding areas.

In late 2010, Marian Graphics and Marian Mexico merged under Marian Mexico, Inc.

In 2012, we opened a Sales and Engineering office in the Bay Area in California.  Our strength in manufacturing small complex parts seen in most of today’s high tech products makes this area a good fit for Marian.

Most recently, in 2014, Marian Europe opened its doors in Bassum, Germany.  Marian Europe was opened in order to serve many of our manufacturing and design customers in this area of the world.

Marian Chicago, previously J.J. Glenn Company, acquired in 1984.

Marian Mexico opened in 1997 in El Paso, TX bordering Juarez, Mexico.

In 2001, Marian Asia in Singapore was acquired along with Marian Fort Worth.

Marian Europe is the most recent of the global companies to open for business.

Marian Suzhou has become our largest facility, growing twice its size since opening in 2004.

Keys to success as we look to the future

The key to Marian’s success can be traced to the values instilled by Eugene Witchger.  With his passing in October 2001, we lost a great friend and leader.  With a clear focus on customer satisfaction, Mr. Witchger always emphasized the same thing we say to our customers:  “At Marian, the key to our success is yours!”