Die-cut Solutions for LED Lighting Enclosures

Marian supplies die-cut flexible components for LED enclosures. The many benefits of LED lights are increasingly understood and the reason for steady growth across numerous markets including automotive, architectural, industrial and commercial lighting. Light designers are challenged to continually develop innovative lights that are more efficient, more cost effective and superior to their competition. Contact Marian to discuss innovative and cost saving solutions for your next LED design project.

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Bonding + Joining

Double coated tapes are a lightweight, thin, and clean option for bonding and sealing components within the LED light enclosure. Materials often meet important UL specifications while offering a durable and robust bonding performance needed for the long life of LED enclosures.

Thermal Management

Proper thermal management is critical to the longevity of LED lights. Die-cut thermal interface materials offer consistent thickness and shape. They are quick and easy to install as opposed to messy thermal grease. Marian offers silicone and non-silicone thermally conductive components.

Light Diffusion

Light diffusing films can help light designers disperse or shape a light beam for a particular purpose. Die-cut light diffusing lenses will fit directly into the LED light enclosure. Films diffuse hot spots and evenly distribute light. Marian can also screen print beam angles and installation instructions onto the films.

Enclosure Ratings

LED light enclosures are often compliant with stringent UL, NEMA and IPX ratings that require components and materials capable of meeting these standards. Marian engineers are experts in sourcing and selecting materials that meet specifications for enclosure ratings.

Heat + Flame Barrier

As LEDs become more powerful, safety standards address increased risk for overheating, electric shock and fire. Die-cut flame barrier materials are thin, flexible and lightweight with a high resistance to flammability and ignitability. Click here to link to our 3M FRB Brochure


Hydrophobic microporus vents are a cost-effective way to protect your LED product by keeping dust and moisture out of the enclosure while relieving positive pressure or negative pressure in the enclosure. Vents are IP-Rated, up to IP-68. Marian offers die-cut discs with zoned adhesive lamination.  Link to PTFE vents brochure

Environmental Sealing

Outdoor LED lights and automotive LED lights are required to seal out water, wind and dust. They must withstand a wide range of temperatures as well as UV exposure. Die-cut gaskets from Marian are made from the highest quality materials and cut to highly specific dimensions.

Vibration Management

LED enclosures are susceptible to damage from vibration. Vibration can come from many sources. Examples include wind, vehicle operation or near-by mechanical vibrations. Integrate die-cut foams and damping materials into LED enclosure designs to dampen and isolate vibration within the enclosure.



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