Whether you are looking for a solution to fix a design flaw or designing components for a new product, Marian can manufacture parts for a wide range of applications.  We can design and fabricate components that bond substrates, prevent leaking, shield electromagnetic interference, manage heat, filter air, or cushion and reduce vibration (to name a few).

With our diverse set of manufacturing techniques and long list of material offerings, we can manufacture a component for almost any application.

The experts at Marian will work with you to understand the substrates you are attempting to bond, environmental factors, and final application to make the best material recommendation for your application.  Marian sources thousands of materials with a range of bonding strength from permanent bond to temporary attachment to removable assembly aids.  Bonding and joining materials include:  acrylic foam tapes, transfer tapes, double coated tapes and reclosable fasteners.

Many products and applications require sealing from different elements:  air, water, dust, fluid gas, electromagnetic interference, radio frequencies and even light.

Marian manufactures custom gaskets of all sorts.  With a wide variety of materials to choose from including foams like Rogers PORON® Foam and tapes like 3M™ Gasket Bonding Tapes.  We can help you design a cost effective gasket that solves your sealing problem.

In today’s world of consumer electronics products must be designed to contain or reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) to ensure the safety, reliability and long-term functionality of the device.

Marian manufactures and fabricates EMI Gaskets, EMI shields and RFI Shields for product protection and damage control.  If you are looking for a complex gasket, overlay shield, roll tapes, finger stock, or a cable insulator, Marian has the solutions.

As electronic devices become smaller and the performance level grows higher, engineers are being challenged to come up with new methods to manage heat in more efficient ways.  Marian converts a variety of thermally conductive materials including phase-change, thermally conductive adhesives, heat sink insulators, thermal gap fillers, heat spreaders, insulator pads and silicone compounds.

Filter materials allow sound and air through while blocking dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants.  Venting materials can offer distinct advantages over mechanical vents, creating a breathable seal that minimizes internal pressure and moisture condensation while eliminating the need for a physical vent.  Marian manufactures flexible filters and vents for a variety of applications, from small filters for a smart phone microphone to large speaker covers.

If you need to solve a noise, vibration or shock absorption design issue, look to Marian.  Vibration damping and cushioning is required in many products including electronic devices, automobiles, and computers.  Marian can source the material that best suits your application including foams, sponges, foam tape, and bumpers.

Marian manufactures flexible electrical insulating and conducting components that prevent the flow of electrical current or provide a conductive path to complete an electrical circuit.  Material characteristics include:  high dielectric strength, RoHS Compliant, UL 94 V-0 Rated, durable and high temperature resistance.  Major material suppliers include DuPont, 3M and ITW Formex.

Marian converts films, low tack adhesives, masking tapes and other materials for protection of a number of surfaces.  We can add zoned adhesive, pull-tabs and split liners to meet the needs of your specific application.  We work with a variety of materials for surface protection from American Biltrite Scratch Films, Tesa films and tapes, 3M™ Protective Tapes, 3M™ Masking Tapes and even 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products.