Marian loves connecting with customers whether it’s chumming around or talking business. Lunch and learns are a great way to connect with customers as they allow the customer an opportunity to brush up on common material information and learn about new materials, all while enhancing the customer-supplier relationship. Earlier this month, Marian Mexico hosted a Lunch & Learn at Flextronics. There was a total of 16 attendees, including engineers and procurement managers. The seminar was a total success as there has been such great feedback from those who attended. In fact, some engineers have reached out to inquire about having another Lunch & Learn seminar at Flextronics’s south side location. Attendees stated that they found the seminar to be very helpful as it provided the sales reps with more information on the different types of materials that is available for them to use. The seminar resulted in collaboration of a couple of new projects which are currently being quoted.