Marian Inc. Announces New President: William Witchger II

Smooth and coordinated succession planning is integral to the continued strength of all organizations, and perhaps more so to a family owned business.  Here at Marian, the Witchger family has taken great care to ensure our leadership is in good hands for a bright and prosperous future.  Gene Witchger, who has been the President of Marian, Inc. since 2012 and been with the company since 1994, has decided to step down as President and pass the reigns to his cousin, William Witchger, effective in May 2017.  Gene is not leaving the company.  He will continue to support Marian and our customers with involvement in key customer driven projects as a leader for engineering and process development.  His transition from the role of President with William will be ongoing and without interruptions.  As President, Gene has been an extremely focused and tireless leader, respected by customers, and loved by employees.  With his new role Gene will also hope to spend more time with family and in community service.

William Witchger (son of Bill Witchger, Marian’s Chairman) has been Vice President of Operations at Marian Inc. since returning from China in 2012.  William moved to Shenzhen China in 2009 and opened Marian’s manufacturing operations and office there.  Under his leadership our Shenzhen operation grew from 1 employee (him) to more than 1800 when he returned in 2012.  A graduate of Notre Dame University, William worked for IBM in Chicago and then a startup company, Endeca, (that was then acquired by Oracle) before joining Marian in 2008 as Manager of IT and Business Development.

“Gene has provided leadership with strong business ethics, integrity in every decision, respect for all employees, and tireless efforts on behalf of our customers,” said Chairman Bill Witchger.  “And William brings these same qualities to the task with renewed energy and eagerness to see our businesses continue to grow significantly around the world.  Along with Brian Witchger as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Marian is fortunate to have the next generation of leadership so well prepared to move our company forward.”

For more information, please feel free to refer to this Marian article published in December, 2016: “Marian Will Remain a Private Family Owned Company”