Quality Graph

Quality is Key(ence) with Marian Inc.

Part of our Quality Statement at Marian is to “Continuously Improve”.  Precision in manufacturing and consistency from batch to batch are two core competencies that Marian strives to achieve with ever increasing effort and technology.  With the recent addition of Keyence vision inspection systems, we are able to measure the products we produce in less time and with greater gage capability.  This ensures we are holding the tight tolerances we promise to our customers.

Our Quest for Quality

Marian Inc focuses on quality and consistency when making parts for its customersAt Marian, quality is of the utmost importance. We consistently hold tighter dimensional tolerances than industry standards and can demonstrate our capabilities where our competitors often cannot.  We also work closely with our customers to understand the demands and requirements of their application, and can design tooling that will create part stability within the tight tolerance required for part function.

Marian manufactures many of the machines in our 20,000 square foot machine shop, offering unmatched customization capabilities.  Our equipment, manufacturing processes, and quality standards help us maintain our status as an industry leader.  Using advanced machines and inspection instruments such as this new Keyence vision system, we’re able to collect Statistical Process Control (SPC) data more efficiently and dependably throughout our production process.

We also use the Keyence inspection systems to collect data for PPAP submissions and have the ability to easily and efficiently export data in formats to satisfy customers’ systems.

Another bullet in our Quality Statement at Marian is “Satisfy Our Customers.”  We make quality of the parts we produce a top priority by ensuring the part’s dimensional characteristics are well within the targeted limits. We want our customers to feel when they choose Marian, they are choosing the best.

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