Marian is a global leader in manufacturing precision die-cut components for various areas of the automotive interior. Whether your design challenge be making interior components quieter, safer, lighter, stronger or more visually pleasing – Marian can help. Contact us today.

Bonding + Joining

Die-cut adhesive components provide a high-strength bond between similar and dissimilar substrates designed to perform in extreme conditions for the life of the vehicle.

  • Double-coated + single coated tapes
  • High Bond acrylic foam tapes: 3M™ VHB™, tesa ACX
  • Laminating adhesives
  • Low VOC tapes
  • Reclosable fasteners
  • High performance, lightweight materials

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Gaskets + Seals

Reliable gaskets and seals are manufactured with high quality foam materials.  Gaskets and seals are used throughout the interior to protect sensitive components, sealing out water, dust, debris and even providing light blocking.

NVH/BSR Solutions

Automobile designs require an extremely quiet experience for passengers. The solutions below can help isolate and dampen NVH and BSR for the life of the vehicle.

Download foam material data sheets

Surface Protection Solutions

Die-cut surface protection films and tapes protect critical class A surfaces from scratches, dents and marring during production, assembly, transportation and storage. Surface protection tapes and films remove cleanly when protection is no longer required.

  • Parts with tabs for easy, contamination free removal
  • Kiss cut to liner for rapid fabrication + dispensing
  • Can be cut with intricate, tight tolerance features
  • Precise spacing for assembly fixturing or automated dispensing

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