Die-cut Components for Digital Displays

Digital displays are being integrated into automobiles and advance driver assist systems (ADAS) to enhance driver’s experience, safety, and overall level of connectivity. High visibility of information on the display is critical. Digital displays must also last for the life of the vehicle. They should withstand conditions experienced with regular use including vibration, UV exposure, and extremely hot and cold temperatures.

A precise stack-up of ultra-thin materials are contained within a digital display unit. Marian has unique capabilities to custom die-cut many of the layers with extreme precision. Marian offers multi-layer lamination and components with pull-tabs and extended liners for ease of final assembly.  Work with Marian to simplify the design and procurement process while receiving excellent service and the highest level of quality. Contact us today.

Solutions for Digital Displays

  • Gaskets + Vibration Damping/Isolation

    • Seal out moisture and debris with custom foam gaskets
    • Protect the display unit from shock and vibration providing damping and soft cushion in gaps and gaskets under the screen
    • Common materials: Rogers PORON® Foam, Rogers BISCO® Silicone Foam and Sponge, 3M™ VHB™
  • Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

    • Highly transparent, low haze, and UV resistant materials
    • Material options for rigid to flexible substrates and rigid to rigid substrates
    • Marian has the unique process to create top and bottom tabs
    • Clean room processing available
    • Common Materials: 3M™ OCA, tesa OCA
  • Specialty Display Films

    • Enhance brightness and colors
    • Reduce glare/reflection
    • Light diffusion
    • Durable Hardcoat films
    • Common Materials: 3M™ Brightness Enhancing Films (BEF, DBEF), Reflective Films (ESR), Kimoto films
  • Surface Protection Films

    • Protect critical surfaces and Class A surfaces during manufacture, assembly, and transport
    • Common materials: 3M™ and tesa surface protection cling films and low-tack tapes
  • EMI Shielding

    • Protect the digital display unit from electromagnetic interference with custom die-cut shielding gaskets and components.
    • Materials include aluminum and copper foil tapes, conductive elastomers, conductive tapes and films.