Thin Sputtered Films

Marian Inc. is a leader in the sputtering of thin films for the medical, industrial, aerospace, & military marketplaces. Marian’s sputtering capabilities range from R&D development equipment to wide web production machines.  This equipment along with our wet-coating, slitting (standard & micro), and die-cutting operations make us the best “One-Stop Shop” in the sputtered films industry today.  Bring us your concept, design, or product and let us impress you with our capabilities, quality, personnel, pricing, and level of service.

Contact us to discuss your need for thin sputtered films.

Custom Sputtering of Thin Films
  • Sputtering of metals, oxides, nitrides, alloys
  • Lab sputtering machine – multi-target, quick turn around, lower-cost development (smaller targets), scales to production equipment
  • Wide web production sputtering machines
  • Developed monitoring and process automation to ensure uniform layers of thin films, providing consistent electrical and optical properties
  • Contact us to discuss particular design or requirements


  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Battery
  • Electronics
  • Printing

Quality System & Testing Capabilities

Dedicated QC Lab, Complete Characterization and Test Method Validation
  • In Line resistance monitoring during sputtering
  • XRF – in house thickness testing
  • Off line automated surface resistance testing
  • Metal adhesion testing
  • Experienced technical team